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Kyle at 18 wants to plays Rugby/ Football at the highest level. The scrapes on his body from a game the night before the shoot, are a testament to his commitment to the game. At the shoot he wanted to be alone at first while he stimulated himself while watching Lesbian Porn. Once hard it didn’t take much to coax him to put his now throbbing rock hard cock, through the Glory Hole. Once he began to get it sucked he really got into it, while continuing to watch the video. One time taking his glance off the video to tell me, that the Dude was giving him a better “Heady” than any Chick had ever given him.

Star Sign : Aries Hair Color : Brown
Age : 18 Eye Color : Blue
Height : 6' Body Type : Well Developed
Weight : 182lbs Smooth/Hairy : Hairy


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