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One of our photographers DarkroomDave saw Klause having an outdoor shower, near the beach, with his surfboard under his arm and said to himself I simply have to shoot this guy . . He gave him his number and said if you want to make some quick bucks to call him. Next morning when Dave turned on his phone there was a message from Klause saying when do you want to photograph me.. The shot was done in the afternoon and the hotter shots which Clause was a bit scared of at first, were also done at the same time. Dave even got him to shower again, to for fill his fantasy of seeing this hot young guy with water cascading over his body play out one more time.

Star Sign : Aquairus Hair Color : Light Brown
Age : 22 Eye Color : Blue / Green
Height : 6' Body Type : Toned
Weight : 171lbs Smooth/Hairy : Smooth


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