Noah is a fresh attractive young guy just, turned 18, from Adelaide. He has been competing in squad swimming since a young age. He doesn’t like looking much younger his his years as he always gets carded when going to nightclubs.

Noah did a good beach shoot then in studio a Gloryhole shoot with Ryder. He was very nervous, at first. The Gloryhole scene was good but I thought we could do better. Unscripted I decided to see if he could do a 1 on 1 with Ryder which he did letting him suck his dick..

Then when I suggested they swap, to my amasement he did.. Then the floor scene which Noah really went into ecstasy with what Ryder did to him. finishing up with them both spurting heaps of hot cum everywhere. Put two horny young guys together and this is what happens! Their passion is all consuming. See Noah now Exclusively on AAB